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130 Styles


Everything is better with Rice! Stylized inktraps, square-ish curves, and a strong, savory flavor make this superfamily an easy-to-use ingredient for your next meal. Versatile enough for whatever you'll be cooking up next, Rice is available in a whopping 130 styles, each locally grown and harvested.

The zenith

In the production of motion picture film it is becoming more common to vary the color of the film either by toning or tinting or by a combination of the two processes. Toning consists in either wholly or partially replacing the silver image of the positive film by some colored compound, the clear portions or highlights of the image, consisting of plain gelatine, remaining unaffected and colorless. Tinting, on the other hand, consists of immersing the film in a solution of dye which colors the gelatine itself, causing the whole picture on the screen to have a veil of color over it.

New Job: Fix Mr. Gluck’s hazy TV, PDQ!

At the base of Mt. Ida stood Ygdrasil, the wonderful tree of Life. Never before nor since was there another such a tree. It had never had a beginning; it had never been young.

This Rules!

March 23, 1974

At several of the recent Meetings of the British Association the varied and important business of the Mathematical and Physical Section has been introduced by an Address, the subject of which has been left to the selection of the President for the time being. The perplexing duty of choosing a subject has not, however, fallen to me.

Professor Sylvester, the President of Section A at the Exeter Meeting, gave us a noble vindication of pure mathematics by laying bare, as it were, the very working of the mathematical mind, and setting before us, not the array of symbols and brackets which form the armoury of the mathematician, or the dry results which are only the monuments of his conquests, but the mathematician himself, with all his human faculties directed by his professional sagacity to the pursuit, apprehension, and exhibition of that ideal harmony which he feels to be the root of all knowledge, the fountain of all pleasure, and the condition of all action. The mathematician has, above all things, an eye for symmetry.

Mission Accomplished

fall apart

Disassociation by Association:
A Critical Study of the Brain's Surroundings