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Pork Chop

20 Styles


Order a platter of sizzling Pork Chop, a squared sans-serif from Font Kitchen. Rounded squared contours and horizontal terminals give this serif typeface a futuristic feel, while still remaining readable at smaller sizes. 10 weights are available with obliques, weighing in at 20 styles, each fresh-cut and farm-raised.

To the Stars

By the end of last week, according to reports from the Red Cross representatives in the flood district, the relief situation was being satisfactorily handled: and out of the chaos a careful survey was revealing more definitely the extent of the rehabilitation problem. This unfortunately does not shrink in magnitude, on the basis of later reports, as does the list of dead. It is clear that large sums will be needed. Every message from Red Cross agents emphasizes the urgent necessity for continuing and redoubling the efforts to secure funds.

The New York office of the Red Cross received a despatch at the end of the week from Ernest P. Bicknell, national director of the Red Cross at Columbus, which gives the most comprehensive, summary of the situation thus far received. He says:

“Have just returned from tour of flooded towns with Governor Cox and Flood Relief Commission. Governor and Commission have requested Red Cross to take charge of relief operations in Ohio and all money contributed through governor will be expended under direction of the Red Cross. This assures absolute freedom from conflict of authority or confusion in expenditure in Ohio."

Junk MTV Quiz
Graced by Fox Whelps.

In all the other apartments, Harry chewed, nodded, smiled. The other wives poured, fussed over Harry, nibbled daintily. And none of them—not one of them—paid the slightest attention to her...

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Preheat oven at 350° and bake for 60-65 mins.

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Never before in the memory of man had spring been so late in coming, and into mid-May had lasted the hurricanes and tempests of winter. Not even yet was the armoury of its storms and squalls wholly spent, and men, as they huddled by the fire and heard night by night, and day by day the bugling of the wind, and the hiss of rain and the patter of the hailstones, wondered what this subversion and stay of the wholesome seasons should portend. For now for many years had strange omens and forebodings shadowed and oppressed the earth. Some said that the earth itself and Erda the spirit of earth were growing old; some even had seen the great mother, not as of old she had appeared from time to time, vigorous and young, clad in the fresh green of growing things, but old and heavy-eyed, and her mantle was frosted over with rime, for the chill of the unremitting years had fallen on her. Others again said that in Walhalla, which Wotan the father of gods and men had builded by the might of giants, all was not well; that shadows crowded in places where no shadows should be, and that their companies grew ever greater, and that dim voices of wailing and of warning sounded in the ears and in the high places of the gods.

I want to go

It's looking like something big is coming our way. Right over the mountains over there.

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