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Font licenses can be a real pain to figure out. Each foundry typically has their own agreements, and they're almost always relayed in such dense legal language that you need a law degree just to know if you can type some fancy letters. We try to make things simple.

One License, One User

Each license that comes with our fonts covers the use for one user. If you’re a freelancer that handles everything on a particular project, you’ll need a license for yourself and you’re all set. If you’re working with a team on a project that requires multiple members to be using the font, each member that will be using it will need their own license. This allows us to offer our fonts at lower prices, as well as keep our licensing agreements as straightforward as possible.

Licenses for Designers

If you are a designer who has a license for a Font Kitchen typeface, that license will allow you to use it for any client that you are personally working with. The client may choose to pushes their own license(s) for any and all users within their company that will be using the font(s). The client will only have access to the font files without a license through work that the designer does for them.


Font Kitchen fonts may be embedded in any PDFs, Office documents, and any other files that a license-holder creates.

One License for Everything

Our base-level license covers any use you may have for the fonts you purchase. Looking to use them on a website? Go for it. Think they’d look great in an eBook? Sounds good. Want to see how they transform your new mobile app? Be our guest. No need to worry about having the right license for the right use with us.


Read our EULA for all of our fonts here.