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Cozy up with a warm cup of Latte! This friendly typeface uses the highest quality hand-roasted glyphs blended with some wonderful rounded serifs and ball terminals to create a bold, earthy flavor that can't be beat. Available in 14 robust styles, including true italics, Latte is a great way to give your next project a warm, friendly, and natural feel.

Easy Listening Jazz Hits
by Peter V. Krupa

Before making a general examination of the animal it is well, if the examiner is not already acquainted with the history of the case (care, feed and surroundings), to learn as much about this from the attendant as is possible. Inquiry should be made as to the feeding, the conditions under which the animal has been kept, the length of time it has been sick, its actions, or any other information that may be of assistance in forming the diagnosis and outlining the treatment.

The general symptoms inform us regarding the condition of the different groups of body organs. A careful study of this group of symptoms enables us correctly to diagnose disease and inform ourselves as to the progress of long, severe affections. These symptoms occur in connection with the pulse, respirations, body temperature, skin and coat, visible mucous membranes, secretions and excretions, and behavior of the animal.

Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz.

None of the previous essays have consciously or immediately affected the details of this; in fact I have not read any of them within several years. If passages here recall passages already written, it is because the ideas have been assimilated and the precise origin forgotten; it is probably worth while to let such passages stand without revision, because such ideas gain in plausibility through having been found acceptable to independent thought.

This Rules!

Farewell, my dear, excellent, Margaret.

Artisan Burger Platters

Two men were talking in a room in Claverly Hall. Horace Hewitt, the sophomore who owned the apartment, had passed, during the hour with his visitor, from the state in which conversation is merely a sort of listless chaffing to where it becomes eager, earnest, and perplexing. The other, a carefully dressed, somewhat older young man, across whose impassive, intellectual profile a pair of eyeglasses straddled gingerly, was not, perhaps, monopolising more than his share of the discussion, for Robinson Curtiss was the kind of person to whom a large conversational portion was universally conceded; but he was, without doubt, talking with a continuance and an air of authority that unconsciously had become relentless. Both men were smoking: Hewitt, a sallow meerschaum pipe, with his class in raised letters on the bowl; Curtiss, a cigarette he had taken from the metal case he still held meditatively in his hand. He smoked exceedingly good cigarettes, and practised the thrifty art of always discovering just one in his case.

Viva Las Vegas!

In order to demonstrate conclusively the connection between infected mosquitoes and malaria Sambon and Low lived for three of the most malarious months of 1900, in one of the most malarious sections of the Roman Campagna, in a mosquito screened hut and did not contract malaria.

The Ethics
of Hercules
A study of man's body as the sole determinant of ethical values